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2016 Editorial Calendar
Issue Date Cover Story Staff Column Bonus Trade Show Distribution Closing Date
DEC 5 Top 5 Companies to Watch Space Report – Foust; Business Report – de Selding 11/25
DEC 19 Year in Review Space Report – Foust; Military Space Report – Gruss 12/9
** The 2017 Wall Calendar will be poly-bagged with the December 5, 2016 issue.

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What You Need to Know


  • 728x90px (mobile size 300x50px): $99 CPM
  • 300x250px: $99 CPM
  • 300x600px: $155 CPM


Placement Specifics
Targeted ads are subject to availability. Contact your sales representative for more information.
  • 728x90 (mobile scaling: 300x50)*
  • 300x250
  • 300x600
*Both desktop and mobile creatives should be submitted for 728x90 ad size.

Creative Requirements Standard formats accepted:
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • HTML5

Lead Time: 5 Business Days

Rich media formats:
  • 3rd Party Ads
  • HTML5
  • Redirects
  • JavaScript
Rich media restrictions: (Animated Ads)
  • Looping limit: 3 times
  • Length: 15 seconds
Rich Media - Lead Time: 5 Business Days

User-initiated Expandable Ads:
  • Maximum width of 600 pixels
  • Landing Spots: Maximum of 2X the initial ad size position.
  • User initiated only. Needs to have a close button
  • Up to 15 seconds within ad
Rich media formats accepted:
  • Eyeblaster
  • Klipmart
  • Pointroll
  • Unicast
  • Others, please inquire
Third-party ad serving
We accept third-party ad serving, but impressions are counted and invoices are issued based on SpaceNews’ ad serving system, Google Ad Manager (GAM). 15-20 % impression tracking discrepancy is expected. All formats will be considered and require extra processing time for testing and implementation. If possible, submit a test ad for any third-party ad shown or not shown on the list below.

AtlasDMT, Eyeblaster, Real, Bluestreak, Shoskeles, DART MOTIF, KlipMart, DHTM, Mediaplex, Enliven, Pointroll

Click-through URL
URL should be submitted with creative. Advertisers are responsible for maintaining a working URL. Click-through rates are not guaranteed.

  • Company name or advertiser’s URL/recognizable logo must appear on all creative as advertiser branding. The URL must include to-level domain name (e.g., .com, .net, .org etc.).
  • Creative must adhere to any and all trademark and copyright laws. SpaceNews will not assume responsibility of illegal usage.
  • All artwork must be accompanied by traffic instructions including linking URL and rotation instructions, if applicable.
  • All leaderboard ads will be targeted to open a new browser window upon clicking. All advertiser submitted rich media, or third party tags should also be coded to open a new browser window upon clicking.
  • Online creative is due at least five full business days prior to the ad start date and/or rotation date.
  • Flash creative is no longer supported by a number of the larger browsers. We highly recommend submitting your advertising in another format.



All artwork must be accompanied by linking URL. Creative must adhere to
any and all trademark and copyright laws. SpaceNews will not assume responsibility of illegal usage.

Download Digital Newsletter Specification PDF

Creative Requirements

  • JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF, PNG
  • Max file size: 45 KB

Closing Deadlines
All creative should be sent (5) business days prior to the issue date. Cancellations after closing date will result in full payment for ad position.

Ad Placements
Banner – 728×180 pixels
Box – 300×250 pixels
Large Rectangle – 300×600 pixels

Delivery of Materials
Please send creative directly to [email protected] and [email protected] with a copy to your SpaceNews Sales Representative.

Please include customer name, contact information and dates of run for ad positioning.

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